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Destination South: from Alabama to Texas

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Today's post is for our American readers!

There’s still plenty of time before Christmas to organize a memorable road trip around the States. The southern states, each have a history of strong social realization and awakening. On the one hand, the plantations of the past carry a deep history that still rings true in today’s world. On the other end, there is a world of renewal and discovery that unite the southern US states. Take the road and cross through the peculiar cultures and mindsets of southern America, by crossing from west to east and visiting Alabama, Mississippi and Texas. From an activist state to a multicultural and hard-working state, it’s a historic road trip to discover more about the human mind and maybe, uncover the human spirit and values that come from tolerance, respect and appreciation.

A taste of Alabama
Alabama is better known for its engagement in the Civil Rights movement, and more precisely in Birmingham where the social movement for acceptance and equality started. You can find permanent and temporary exhibitions at the Civil Rights Institute about the 1960s movement and some of the persistent issues. Whatever your origins, you will find it humbling and mind-opening to come close to the great men and women who have changed the rules in the country. After all these mind-blowing facts that stain the past of America, you might want to relax in a nice and friendly place, such as the Quality Inn & Suites Greenville in the famous Camellia city. You’ll soon find out that Alabama is a state of changes! Make sure to let their force to change for the better inspire you.

Mississippi, an old world with a rich history
Next door to Alabama, Mississippi offers a mixture of spectacular sights and sweet hospitality. However, you shouldn’t forget that this sense of welcoming was very different a few centuries ago, as portrayed by the eerie Windsor Ruins. Built in the late 19th century by a wealthy plantation owner; the mansion was destroyed by a fire that left only its Greek-inspired column, leaving the visitors to wonder what the mansion looked like in its time. But after this introspection in the past, dive into the once futuristic engineering of Mississippi: Head over to the Dunn’s Falls to appreciate the beginning of a new engineering intelligence.

What not to miss in Texas?
Texas has a very long history of multicultural influences. There was a long history of interculturalism and Mexican influences that you can still experience through the landscapes and the local flavors. Remember the positives about Texas from Houston to the typical Texan cuisine that mixes flavors and influences. In other words, Texas has proven itself an inspirational state that thrives in the union of many backgrounds.

Give yourself the gift of social awareness this Christmas, by discovering the worst and the best of humankind. Take a tour in a world of generosity, intelligence and open-mindedness during the darkest hours of the history.

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