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Wouldn’t it be more fun to venture a little off the beaten path when you visit even the most famous places in the world? There are always places to explore in top tourist destinations for which the majority of visitors won’t think to search. If you need some inspiration as to where you should begin your adventure off the beaten path then here are some ideas.

Slovenia, Eastern Europe.
It’s baffling but fascinating that Slovenia is one of the less-common tourist destinations in Europe, despite it having just as much to offer in terms of both a stunning natural environment and a rich tapestry of culture. It’s a hidden gem in itself, so go wild when exploring this country; soak up the ancient castles and popular wine regions, but don’t be afraid to venture a little further and explore the alpine scenery.

The Philippines, Asia.
The Philippines is a beautiful country in the heart of the continent of Asia. It receives a fair share of visitors but there’s so much to see in this wonderful place that many don’t truly grasp the opportunity to fully experience this place. You could visit the Chocolate Hills or its many beautiful islands, but you could also be a little bit more of an adventurer and go kayaking around the Boracay beaches. Don’t be afraid to delve a little deeper and explore a little further than most people when you visit this fascinating country; there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Northern Territory, Australia.
Obviously, Australia isn’t off the beaten path in itself, but it might as well be, once you look past Sydney, Byron Bay, and other famous tourist destinations. This mammoth country is divided into several relatively huge states and the Northern Territory is definitely one of the most fascinating of the bunch if you’re a fan of awe-inspiring natural scenery. You should certainly venture off the beaten path (with an experienced tour guide, of course) so as to really soak up mother nature in all its glory. If you head on one of the Ayers Rock tours then you’ll see fantastic sacred sites such as Uluru (a gawp-inducing sandstone rock) and other natural spectacles situated in the heart of stunning desert landscapes. Australia’s cities are fascinating but its natural landmarks are on the next level.

Island of Sardinia, Italy.

Last, but not least, you should head to Italy. Of course, this country is one of the more popular European tourist destinations, and you may have visited it before. If you step outside of Venice, however, there’s a lot more to see in this beautiful place. The island of Sardinia is home to many famously rich and exotic beach resorts, but the island has another side to it. Head inland and you’ll see Sardinia’s local life; the capital city, Cagliari, is a hub of fascinating culture. Just north of the city, you’ll find the Barumini Nuraghe and many other ancient stone towers that form an intriguing part of the island’s great history. That’s really a lot more to this island than beautiful beaches.

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