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Traveling and making a difference

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People travel for so many different reasons. Whether it be to see family, see the world, or generally just gain some useful life experiences. Charity work all over the world can change lives, but make sure you prepare yourself - this is no ordinary vacation.


Time Management

When working is such a demanding environment takes a high level of time management skills. If you’re working with animals, you’ll need to make sure you’re allowing enough time to complete important tasks such as feeding or cleaning. If it’s with children giving medical aid, it’s so crucial that you’re seeing enough children a day to make a difference. There are hundreds of thousands of children across Africa needing urgent medical attention. If you’re administering medication, you’ll need to balance your time management with attention skills to make sure everything is done correctly.

Management Skills

After volunteering a few times, you may be offered the opportunity to return as a project manager. The role will require you to think on your feet, and have a good level of all the skills required to volunteer normally such as teamwork, communication skills and work ethic. Having a team of people under your management can be a daunting thought, and if you’ve never had to do something like this before, it might be worth taking some extra training from companies such as Training Connection. They can offer an invaluable into how to effectively manage a team of people, and keep everyone happy.

Communication Skills

It’s most likely that you’ll be travelling abroad to a country where there is going to be a huge language barrier. So learning how to easily communicate with people who are not native to your language is essential. You need to be able to use simple words, and even utilise technology to assist you. Google translate or other similar services can really help you overcome this barrier. Learning to communicate with your team is just as important. Being able to make friends with the people you’re most likely going to be with for a while, and talk to them as equals will make your time abroad a happier experience, and you’ll end up making friends for life.

There are so many other skills you’re going to need, but once you’re out there and in the thick of it, they should all come to your naturally. You’ll make great friends, see places you’ll never have seen before, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Not only for you, but for the people or animals you’re going to be helping.

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