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Make Kenya your first stop in Africa

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Are you always looking for the best places to backpack, the best adventures to have, and sights you’ll never forget? There’s a good chance that Africa is a continent featuring prominently in your travel dreams. But it’s a big continent, so where are some of the areas most rich in adventure? Here, we’re going to look at the case for Kenya and why just about everyone should visit it once before they die.

A dip in the coast
The coastline of Kenya is easily one of its defining features. As historically important as it is beautiful, it’s no surprise that it’s quite so densely populated. The Mombasa coast, in particular, can be rather crowded and lively. But if you head just a little south, the still-popular but a good deal more tranquil Diani Beach is one of the must-visit spots of the country for those who want to feel the sand under their feet and the breeze that can be just what you need on a sweltering sub-Saharan afternoon.

Exploring the wilds
Kenya easily has the richest economy and populations of East Africa, making it a great tourist spot, but there’s a good chance you’re there mainly to see something a little wilder. To that end, safari trips to Kenya can put you in close proximity to some of the majestic beasts you’ve always wanted to see, including wild lions and elephants. Not to mention treks across the plains of Amboseli under the sight of Kilimanjaro, making for one of the most impressive horizons you will ever see in your life without question.

Island life
If you’ve always wanted to see a tropical island, then you might want a short trip off the coast of south Kenya to Lamu Island. It’s a mix of gorgeous island trees and some of the richest culture to be found in the country, with old Swahili settlements and traditional mosques from back in the day when it served as one of the biggest trading hubs in Africa. There’s plenty of bustle about the island, with the Maulidi festival turning it into party central if you’re lucky enough to catch it.

Under the surface
It’s not one of the first things that many people think about when visiting Africa, but the truth is that it’s also home to some of the most tranquil caves in the world as well. Take special care when you’re visiting places like the Mau Mau Caves and stick to the paths through the vegetation and along the dirt path. Your reward is finding a cascading waterfall into the cave. You can easily climb the shallow cave to get a great view of the rapids heading into the waterfall, as well.
Some of the finest coasts, local parties, wilderness, and caves await those who are willing to find them. Just make sure you take an experienced guide with you. There’s a lot of wildlife that can prove dangerous in Kenya and it’s not all that difficult to bump into them if you take the wrong turn.

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