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Travel essentials

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If you've been traveling for a while, you know that some gadgets can be lifesavers on the road. Here's a few of my favourites.

There’s absolutely no doubt that modern smartphones are a world away from the basic models we had just a few years ago in terms of camera capabilities. However, if you travel a lot, and you’re keen to have a collection of high-quality prints that will remind you of your adventures for years to come, it’s best to invest in a decent camera. Read reviews online, and get some tailored advice from people in the know. What kinds of snaps are you eager to take? How much do you want to spend? What kinds of images do you usually take? If you’re serious about photography, it may also be a good idea to investigate accessories. If you travel alone a lot or you’re passionate about getting the best landscape shots, for example, look into getting a tripod. Selfie sticks may seem like a bit of a flash in the pan trend, but they can come in useful if you’re flying solo or you want to take photos in front of attractions without asking fellow tourists if they mind helping you out.

If you’re partial to booking impulsive vacations or you live a nomadic lifestyle, investing in a state of the art smartphone will enable you to enjoy all kinds of perks. You can stay in touch with friends and family via social media and video calling, and you can download apps that enable you to book hotels, read reviews, and organize transport. You’ll also have a camera, which you can access in seconds, and you can compile and listen to playlists to provide a soundtrack to your travels. Don’t forget to pack a charger and an adapter.

Music can make the world a brighter place when you’re stuck on a bus for hours on end, you’re waiting in line for a train, or you’re trying to drift off on a long plane journey. If you’re a frequent traveler, it pays to invest in the best travel headphones. You want to be able to enjoy your music and block out background noise without irritating other passengers around you. Noise-canceling headphones enable you to do this.

When you’re pushed for space in your backpack, a universal adapter can be a godsend. Rather than packing five different sets of plugs, all you need is a single adapter, which will have you covered wherever you land. This is particularly useful if you’re off on a round the world trip or you travel for work and you visit different countries on a regular basis.

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