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Spotlight on Colorado

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Colorado is one of the most interesting U.S states, even though many pass through it on the way to California from the eastern states, and never give it a second look. This is undeniably a mistake. Colorado is one of the most beautiful, diverse and fun States you can visit, and for plenty of reasons. Not only are the people there so down to earth you might not be used to it, but the state celebrates its areas of natural beauty with momentous conservation efforts as well as providing amazing ways for tourists to explore said geography.
Colorado is not only a spectacular holiday experience but emphasizes what the great American adventure is all about: fantastic landscapes, great food, a varied and wide entertainment culture and last but not least, some of the best people you can meet in the entire American continent.
Visit Boulder
Boulder is the densest municipality of its area and is arguably one of the more fun cities to visit in Colorado. It’s bohemian and ‘hippy-like’ culture has led to immensely interesting displays of food, music, and arts presentation. It’s home to the University of Colorado, and thanks to this, the place has a deeply vibrant and youthful atmosphere. The nightlife here is great too, with many bars, clubs, and comedy performance halls available to cater to every need. A week exploring Boulder will inspire further months exploring Boulder.
Rent An ATV
To best explore the wilderness of Colorado, which is a priority you absolutely must have if you’re to say you visited the state properly, you should rent an ATV. Choosing a half or full day rental at a professional firm like Colorado Backcountry ATV rentals will not only give you a fun day experience, but it will let you explore large swaths of the state’s geography relatively unimpeded. Just you and the open road. If you’d like to enjoy even more of a deeply natural connection while you’re here, you might like to:
Camp Out (Rocky Mountains)
Camping out in the Colorado countryside is arguably one of the best ways to explore the great American landscape. Near the foot of the Rocky Mountains, there are many incredibly well-presented camping spots that give you one of the most breathtaking views of the massive mountains. If you’re an artist, they’re sure to inspire you.
If you’re a businessman, they’re sure to calm you. If you’re a tourist, they’re sure to be worth a visit. You can also ski down select slopes with the right service. There are many that operate here, so be sure to shop around for the best package deals.
Meet The Dinosaurs
In the Picketwire Canyonlands within the Comanche National Grasslands, there are many still-preserved dinosaur trails left over from the days where Colorado had a largely muddy landscape. Here exist some of the best dinosaur museums in the country. If you’re a fan of stunning natural history, Colorado is the place to be.
Thanks to the open plan and freedom of Colorado’s country, you’re likely to be thoroughly rejuvenated after a visit to this wonderful state. One thing is for sure. You’re going to return.

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