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Packing up for a Hike

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There are dozens of different ways to see the world. Travelling involves lots of different modes of transport. But for a truly up-close and personal experience of a place, you have to be there, on foot. Hiking is a really popular activity for holidaymakers and travellers alike. It gives you a personal experience of the place you're visiting. Why not make an entire holiday out of this healthy and fun activity? Here’s what you need to pack:

Phone Or Map?

Some of the most fascinating places on earth don’t have the best mobile phone signal. There are so many useful apps out there, but many of them rely on a good 3G or 4G reception to work. Always take the phone for emergencies, but also have a proper map of the area with you. A good old fashioned compass can help you work out your direction if the sun is covered. This should be all you need. Of course, if you’re on a designated hiking trail, look out for the orienteering path signs too!

Snack Or Forage?

If you’re travelling outside of your home country, you should be very wary about eating berries, seeds or nuts you find growing on a trail. The last thing you need when you’re on holiday is an upset tummy. Of course, going hungry or experiencing the horrible sensation of low blood sugar isn’t any fun either. Bring some snacks with you while you’re walking, especially if you’re planning to cover more than a dozen miles. If you do know what you’re looking at, then foraging can be a really fun way to experience a place.

Safety First

When you’re packing your bag for a day hike or even a week of hiking and camping, you should pack for safety. Start with your water supply. A good BPA free water bottle is ideal as it is reusable. A hat keeps the sun and the rain off your head. Don’t forget a waterproof lightweight jacket in case the rain doesn’t let up. You’ll need a good torch in case you’re out in the dark. A pair of socks in your bag can be handy for many things. Don’t forget a couple of plasters for chafed skin, blisters, or minor cuts. Places like Canada are incredibly beautiful, but there are plenty of insects or plants that can irritate your skin. Have an antihistamine and antibacterial cream handy.


There will be plenty of photo-ops on your trail. You might be taking selfies for your travel blog, or simply capturing those moments you don’t ever want to forget. If you haven’t ever taken a short digital photography course, it might be worth booking one in. It’s much easier to tell the story of your travels if you have pictures of what you’ve seen and experienced. Your phone battery is best preserved for any emergency calls.

Now you’re packed you’re ready to start hiking. There are some wonderful trails in Canada and the US. The Lake District in the UK also has a well-documented number of paths. Choose the jungle, the forest, or the mountains for an experience you’ll never forget.

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