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Is fear holding you back?

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There are plenty of things to be scared of in this life. We can have plenty of fears! Fear is always going to be a big part of the human experience, but it can only really affect us when we allow it to.

We can have a whole bunch of irrational fears - and if we let them dominate our lives, it can seriously disrupt our ability to enjoy our lives. Fear of travel, for example, will disrupt any plans, dreams or aspirations we have of seeing the four corners of the globe. There are some big phobias and some worrying scares that put people off of travelling. In understanding the basis of our fears, we can ground them and attempt to overcome them. If we can't do that, at the very least we can tie these fears to the real world instead of just our mind - because in reality, that's all it is - a fear is just in your mind.

One of the main fears that will put many off of travel is flying. Flying isn't a natural thing for people to do - we don't have wings, but we do have jet engines. Advances in engineering and aviation mean that anyone can fly via the use of jets and planes as well as helicopters. The reason we are scared of flying is that it seems so very unnatural. We line up, get placed in a designated seat on a huge metal machine and then speed at a rapid pace up to the air, hitting heights of tens of thousands of feet into the air, before descending and landing a world away in a distance place. Science lets it work, but our mind isn't so comfortable with it.

We don't like bumpy flights because it makes us think irrationally. For many, a fear of aviation accidents is very real, and when we experience turbulence, that fear gets compounded. However, a fear of being involved in a plane crash is as irrational as it gets, but many are scared of being involved in an airborne disaster. If you're flying, you're probably going to be worried about it because of this - but you've got no reason to be scared. Aeroplanes have, and always will be a safe mode of transport - that won't stop people being scared of travelling in one though!

Do you know what the probability of a plane crash is? It's one in eleven million or 1 in 11,000,000. That's a lot of zeroes! The problem is that every disaster involving in planes is instantly popular across the globe. Should a plane be involved in a problem, it becomes a viral hit. We have an obsession with issues involving planes, simply because we want to justify these irrational fears.

It isn't just aeroplanes and flying though, travelling scares people for all sorts of reasons. There are those who are scared of different languages and different people; there are those who get homesick very easily. The only way to combat these fears to face them though. With all sorts of reasons to be scared of travel, you can't let them stop you from getting out there!

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