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From Chiang Mai to Warsaw

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It’s such a great experience going to a place that hasn’t been discovered by most yet. Don’t get me wrong, famous places are still great to visit, and there’s plenty worth seeing out there, but it isn’t quite the same as being in an almost untouched corner of the world, where absorbing customs and cultures without the distraction of a Starbucks or Mcdonalds is much easier.

Chiang Mai

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Thailand is a magnet for backpackers, just turned eighteen, out to find themselves. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you might have outgrown it by now. There are so many tourists there, you could easily forget you were in another country. But Thailand is still an incredible place with a rich heritage; it’s a shame that it’s been ruined slightly. Fortunately, there are areas that are not so popular. Most of the tourists tend to aim for Bangkok, but Chiang Mai has just as much to offer, without the overcrowded streets and locals trying to rip off all the tourists.

Derby Creek

log cabin.jpeg

One of the main attractions of camping is the peace and tranquility that you find out in the wilderness. Surrounded for miles on all sides by nothing but nature. Unfortunately, if you go camping in one of the more popular national parks you are more likely to be surrounded on all sides by other campers. If you want that peace and quiet, you’ll have to find somewhere else. There are plenty of smaller sites like Derby Creek that you can camp at; or if you want something a bit more comfortable, they are home to some of the oldest log cabins in the US, so camping doesn’t have to mean giving up your luxuries.  



Krakow is fast becoming the new Eastern European hotspot now that Prague has embraced their tourism and started increasing prices. It has only emerged as a holiday destination in the last few years, drawing in travelers with its cheap beers and rich history, but already it is becoming very commercialized. However, Warsaw seems to have been largely ignored. As a city still dealing with the aftermath of the Cold War, it still has the interesting historical sights that Krakow does. The prices are also lower as it hasn’t become popular just yet. But if you are planning a trip, do it soon because it won’t be long before everybody else catches on.

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