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Camping on a Budget

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Camping is a fantastic idea if you want to go traveling and see more of a particular country. It’s also one of the best ideas for traveling around your own country and exploring areas you didn’t know existed. As we mentioned in a previous post, there are plenty of pros and cons, and some people don’t like it.

However, one of the undoubted pros of camping is that it can be very cheap. In fact, you can go camping and hardly spend a penny. How? Well, check out the article below to find out:

Normally, a lot of camping trips are made expensive thanks to transport costs. You pay for trains or planes to get you from A to B. But, you can save money by making a small sacrifice regarding time. Instead of paying loads for fast transport, pay less for something slower. The best example of this is to pay for a camper van. You can rent one with your friends, and then drive yourself everywhere. This is great as you can save loads of money by splitting the cost between your group. Plus, you now have freedom to travel wherever the camper van can take you! It means you pay less and can also go to multiple places instead of staying in one place.

When you’re camping, it’s likely you’ll bring your own food supplies with you. However, sometimes, you can run out of supplies and have to go into the nearest town and shop for food. But, you can save loads of money on food if you don’t bring your own and start being clever. Go into the nearest towns and shop at market stalls. Why? Because you can barter with the stall owners and get fresh food for much less than a supermarket. It’s one of the classic solutions for food shortage, and you can apply it to camping along with another; forage for food. Channel your inner wild beast and go out foraging for fruit and veg that you can eat with your meals. It’s totally free, and you get to enjoy it proper fresh.

Last but not least, you can save loads of money on accommodation. In fact, play your cards right, and you can go camping without having to pay for your stay. Generally speaking, paying to stay in a campsite is already cheaper than paying for a hotel or hostel. But, if you camp away from campsites, you can stay places for free. All you have to do is look around for a nice place to set up camp. It could be in the woods, or near a forest - anywhere. As long as there are no signs saying you can’t camp, everything is fine. It’s a good idea to do this in groups of people as it makes the experience less scary. Camp on public land and you won’t pay a penny!

With just a few adjustments you can go camping and hardly spend a penny. It will be the cheapest travel idea you’ve ever had, and one of the most memorable too!

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