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If you take photography seriously, like really seriously, then there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be snapped. If you want to expand your photography portfolio, or even just your photo album then there are a plethora of photogenic places out there.


As a photographer you want to see a variety in the things you snap. You want to see wildlife. You want to see untouched and pristine areas of nature. You want to see gorgeous white sands and a tranquil sea to match it. A place that offers this kind of variety is Koh Chang. Described as a ‘photographer’s dream’, this island of Thailand is rife with snapping opportunities. And there is no bigger photography opportunity than an elephant — a Thailandish elephant at that. Imagine the scene: you bathing with elephants whilst somebody that you trust to look after you camera snaps you. That would surely be one to add to the collection, would it not? The elephant is an important figure of Thailand, and Koh Chang’s name is derived from meaning ‘Elephant Island’. So, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Thailand then this should be the your first destination and bathing with elephants should be your first pastime. Just make sure to not let any elephants stand on your camera.

And once you’re done in the Jewel of the Southeast then there are whole host of other places dotted around the world for you and your camera to visit. If you like visiting the most remote places out there or are attuned to your inner anti-tourist, then look no further than Petra, Jordan. A visit here is an escape from society. It is an escape from all wrong things about busy and polluted city environments. Rife with archaic tombs that aren’t bothered or disturbed by nearby cities or suburbs, this place truly is one of the final frontiers left on earth. It is, however, inhabited. In fact, it’s been inhabited for as long as time itself! But the locals know how to tend to their area, and they know how to preserve it; and it’s not just they that help preserve it, the World Heritage Convention do too. Petra is one of the final ‘untouched’ areas that the world has to offer, so why not take a few snaps of it before it’s ‘touched’?

If you’re willing to go further than the average tourist then you should most definitely take a trip to the photogenic locations above. As enriching as a trip is, it is no good if you have no photos to look back on afterwards. It’s just as well that you’re a photographer then, isn’t it?! Just remember to pack your camera!

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