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Planning for France

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I love France - from its food to its people and fashion, it's just one of those iconic countries, and Paris is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s well worth a visit at least once in your lifetime - and make sure you make the most of it by planning well.

You might decide to head to Paris as a starting spot for your trip. After all, if you haven’t been before, you will want a couple of days in the capital to explore everything it has to offer. But if you don’t arrange any transport, you are going to be stuck in the capital for the whole travel experience. And then you won’t be able to see the real beauty of France in the other less well-known areas. Therefore, you need to ensure you book a car for your trip. That way, you can drive to the other towns at your own free will. And it means you can stop wherever that takes your fancy. You can look online for rental companies you can use to book a set of wheels for your trip. Just make sure you take your license with you when you collect the car!

It can always feel a bit surreal when you visit another country, and they are speaking another language. In fact, you can often feel like an outsider if you don’t know the basics. And by not knowing any French, you are cutting yourself off from the possibility of making friends while you are on your trip. After all, there might be some interesting people who you can spark up a friendship with. Therefore, before you head to France, you should learn some of the language. You could attend a group which will teach you some of the basics before you go. Otherwise, you could download some form of e-book from sites like LearnFrenchTogether. You can then read this on the way to learn some French before you get to the country. And you will soon feel more at ease when you know some basics while on your travels!

You are bound to be overwhelmed when you look online for tours while you are in France. After all, there are a wealth of tour groups which you can go with to ensure you make the most of your trip. But for a better experience, you should look for a local tour guide. After all, they will know the area well and will give you a better insight. In fact, they are bound to take you to places which won’t be on a normal tour. Not only this but they are bound to be cheaper too. Therefore, look online for locals who are organising tours which you can book before you travel. And remember to hunt down somewhere unique to stay! After all, staying with a host family, or even house sitting can make it even more fun!

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