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Lapland dreaming

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If the unexplored is your bread and butter, there aren’t many places that are more out of the way and untrodden than beautiful Lapland. Forming the most Northern part of Finland, Lapland is one of the best places on the planet to not only see the Northern Lights.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway minus the usual cliches, a magical winter getaway with your partner, Lapland offers a truly unique romantic holiday experience, with many twists. There really is something for every couple looking for something a little different in this winter wonderland paradise. So here are my top 5 things to do if you’re already dreaming of a romantic trip with a difference.

Husky Sledge Ride

Of course the only place to start is the Husky Sledge Ride. The white knuckle way to whizz around the snow capped trees and beautiful landscapes. You’ll be amazed by the experience of gliding through snow covered forests at the speed of light surrounded only by the silence of the nature that surrounds you. A once in a lifetime experience, and an all-time bucket list entry.


See The Northern Lights

When people think of the Northern Lights people tend to think of Iceland as the premium destination to see them. That is actually not the case, as Lapland is even further North than Iceland, providing one of the best and most romantic, locations on the planet to witness nature’s most astounding sky display.

Have a Steamy Sauna

When in Lapland! The sauna is a Finnish institution, so do as the locals do, shrug off the frosty temperatures outside and hop into a steamy, bubbly pool of paradise. Saunas are such a huge part of Finnish life, that there are estimated to be over 2 million in the country. That’s pretty impressive considering the population stands at little over 5 million. So live like a local and dive on in.

Visit Santa Claus


No trip to Lapland is complete without meeting the big man himself. Keep your inner child happy and check out the charming little village of Rovaniemi. Don’t miss the little post office where you can see all the letters coming in from children from every corner of the World. Also, as the village is on the Arctic Circle, don’t forget to to cross over it, just you know, for fun!

Stay in a Log Cabin

Lapland is as famous for its idyllic log cabin and rural retreats as it is for its Northern lights. So why not treat yourself and your partner to the ultimate winter wonderland digs and hire your own beautiful long cabin? Log cabins and Northern Lights go hand in hand as there really is no more romantic place to take in the famous Northern Lights than from the comfort of your very own cosy log love shack or winter cottage.


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