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Highlights of Canada

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When most people think about travelling to North America, they mainly consider everything that the United States has to offer. Its northern neighbour, however, has plenty to offer too.

As the country is so large, many people struggle with deciding where to visit. But rather than sticking to just one area, why not turn your trip into a road trip and hop between a few of Canada’s top picks? Here are some highlights that will help you get to know Canada a lot better.


You will probably already know that Canada has two official languages: English and French. The majority of Canadians speak English apart from in the province of Quebec, where French is the main language. So remember to pack a phrasebook if your linguistic skills aren’t too hot! The two biggest cities in this area are Montreal and Quebec City, both of which are cultural cosmopolitan cities. Montreal is known for its myriad of annual festivals, so why not try and plan your stay to coincide with one of their fantastic public concerts!

New Brunswick
The province of New Brunswick may not be one of Canada’s most popular destinations, but it is definitely a jewel in its crown. In fact, more and more people are finding out about just how great this province is, os it’s a good idea to book your trip there now before it gets too busy with tourists! When you’re in New Brunswick, you could stay in an inner city hotel like Amsterdam Inn & Suites or check into a more rural self-catering option. Make sure you go to the Reversing Falls while you are here. These rapids are on the St. John River, and sometimes, they can be seen flowing upstream!


British Columbia
When it comes to British Columbia, most tourists head to either Vancouver or Whistler. Vancouver is a buzzing city with an incredible food scene. There are also some amazing museums and galleries as well, including the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the Museum of Vancouver. If you love hitting the slopes, then you should certainly think about spending a few nights in Whistler, which is one of Canada’s most popular ski resorts. It’s got such good skiing, it even hosted the Winter Olympics back in 2010.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia is a province that is known for its natural beauty. Its land is peppered with rugged mountains and lush green fields. Lots of people visit Nova Scotia for its excellent hiking and mountain biking options. Plan a trip to Halifax so you can see the famous Pier 21, where over a million immigrants have entered the country over the past few decades. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is also a popular haunt of history aficionados.

Hopefully, this blog post will have whetted your appetite for a trip to Canada. You certainly won’t regret it at all, I can assure you!

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