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Escaping summer

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The majority of us welcome summer with open arms. And, we jet off to even hotter destinations when we go away. We love to soak up the rays. But, that doesn’t apply to everyone. There are a lot more people than we expect who don’t enjoy summer. For those individuals, heat is to be avoided at all costs. It’s understandable when you think about it - excessive heat can be sticky and uncomfortable. For those people, the idea of visiting an even hotter destination when they go away seems insane. What kind of escape is that? The good news is, there are holiday destinations that won’t increase the heat. These destinations mean those sun-fearing individuals can enjoy their time away. Here are just a few worth mentioning.


This one goes without saying, right? Skiing destinations allow you to cool down all year round. The climate in some may still be hot, but the snow helps even out the heat. There are many fantastic ski destinations to consider, too. From luxury ski chalets in France, to a chance to ski down the mountains of Lapland, take your pick. This option is perfect for those who like to get sporty while they’re away. Don’t worry if you’ve never been skiing, either. Any resort is sure to offer the chance of lessons should you need them. And, you don’t need to stick to the mountains during your stay. If you’re holidaying with someone who loves the sun, this could be the perfect compromise. You can go for day trips to hotter climates, and return to your refreshing mountain escape.

What better way to escape the sun than to head somewhere experiencing a different season? As we go into our summer, there are many destinations just entering the long winter. The most prominent place worth mentioning is Australia. Winter officially starts there in June, so it’s the perfect cool holiday destination. Of course, it is Australia, so you can still expect warm temperatures. But, it’ll be a lot cooler than many places. You can expect temperatures of around 15 degrees, which isn’t bad when you consider the heat elsewhere.
Or, you could head to South Africa. Winter there starts at the end of June, so again, it’s the perfect time. It’s a little hotter here during the day and could reach up to 18 degrees. But, nights can drop down to 1 degree or less. Even if you get warm during the day, you’ll want to wrap up in the evening.

A beach holiday is another good one for a compromise.  It’s true that many beach destinations have high temperatures, but the sea offers the perfect opportunity to cool off. If you’re really against heat, head for somewhere like Galicia in Spain, which has summer highs of 18 degrees. Again, it’s still quite hot, but it’s not as bad as a lot of places. Plus, you can hop in the sea when you’re at risk of overheating.

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