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If you are considering a different kind of holiday this year, you might be considering remote destinations. But have you taken the time to sit down and ask yourself what kind of remote you actually want? Indeed, you could be looking at regions that are geographically, culturally, or socially remote. Some may be all of these things at the same time. But more importantly, it is about what you want from your trip. You will gain a different experience depending on your choice of remote holiday, and you may find yourself refueling your batteries with bright and fresh feelings at the end of it. Isn’t it, after all, what everyone expects from a holiday trip? So, before you pick your special destination, sit down with a cup of tea and think about what you need. There is no right or wrong answer: Only happy holidays await the one who knows how to choose best!

Enjoy a remote holiday

Different Cultures To Feel Like An Anthropologist

If you love the feeling of exploring the different states of a society, you should be looking at holiday packages that take you into a new social nucleus. For example, Serendivus Sri Lanka tours propose wonderful visits that can let you observe the variety of castes and social categories of this complex society where native kingdom and old colonial rules cohabit. You will come across different social classes and wealth levels, from the international elite who consists of small industrialists and politicians to those who live in shanty towns and only speak the local language. But more importantly, you will discover that a society built on such a varied historical background is struggling to adjust to the western values of the rich world. This is ideal if you want to discover a new way of thinking about the world.

Little Visited Destinations To Feel Like An Explorer

If you want a challenge, why not have a look at remote locations that are difficult to get to? The Australian Outback, the vast, unpopulated areas in the middle and some of the coasts of Australia, is home to several animal species that exist nowhere else in the world. You can feel like an explorer discovering a new world as you step on this forgotten ground. If you love to observe lesser known fauna and flora, a visit to Madagascar‘s national park – Masoala – is the perfect option to discover incredible wildlife in its natural habitat.

Same Culture, Different People To Feel Like Yourself Again

Sometimes, all you need is a change of d├ęcor, far away from your everyday stress but not too far away from your everyday facilities. Have a look at European destinations as they offer a similar cultural background with all the quirky elements of each location. There, you can enjoy a walk through Roman ruins, delicious tapas with fresh olive oil, or the breathtaking view of orange trees in the morning. What matters is that for once you can let go of the social attitude and be yourself without being judged by your peers.

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