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My 5 favourite European cities

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The cluster of countries in Europe make it a fantastic continent to visit if you want to experience as much diversity in one trip as possible. Most countries are easily connected by public transport and infrastructure, and thanks to EU agreements, borders are almost a thing of the past. By way of preparation, however, always check up sites like before traveling to make sure you've got all the documents you need.

Visiting and truly enjoying over thirty different countries is no joke, and there is definitely a lot to take in. I'd never recommend going for the whole thing in one go - it's just too much travelling (did I really say that?!), and will make you feel burnt out by the end of it all. So without further ado, here are my favourite cities to visit in Europe - these are the ones I would check out if I were visiting Europe for the first time. Take it as an excuse to plan follow-up trips ;)

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, is possibly the definition of cool, and a safe bet if you're looking to have fun, walk around beautifully designed spaces and enjoy natural settings, which are just a few minutes away from the urban hub. The highlight of a place like Copenhagen, however, is its people. Consistently ranking among the happiest in the world, their hygge lifestyle is laid back, cosy and fun all at once.

(Credit: The Telegraph)

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Dubbed as 'the Athens of the North', Scotland's capital is such a lively melting pot of innovative events and liberal thought, set against a backdrop of an ancient city steeped in decades of history. From the Old Town’s jumble of medieval buildings piled along the Royal Mile to the New Town’s neat grid of neoclassical structures, the city's landscape is as varied as its people. 

(Credit: The Telegraph)

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik was definitely one of the highlights of my Croatian/Greek road trip. A tiny walled city on top of the Croatian cliffs, Dubrovnik is as representative of Europe's volatile history as they can get. And if real life wars aren't enough for you, the city also doubled as King's Landing in the infamous Game of Thrones. Relive Queen Cersei's walk of shame, Eddard Stark's final moments, all the while enjoying the Mediterranean sea breeze.

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Oh, Amsterdam. Will I ever stop slathering praises on this magical city? (probably not) This relatively small city packs in a punch. It can feel urban and fast-paced, but turn a corner and it's suddenly a laid-back, bohemian street party. From canals to huge parks, a liberal lifestyle and a culture of acceptance, you really can't go wrong with Amsterdam.

5. Florence, Italy

Florence is the first place I ever traveled to solo - and it stole my heart so badly I had to return for another three times after! I think I can safely say that Florence embodies the true Italian Renaissance spirit. The city is easily walkable, and its many galleries and boutiques can be found dotted around the great city - there is a great deal to take in. Opera, restaurants and a burgeoning nightlife scene also bring Florence to life at night.

Five gorgeous European cities, all incredibly different from each other, easily accessible and, depending on your travel style, relatively budget friendly. There are obviously so many other cities that you shouldn't miss out on, but these five are just special for me.

What are your favourite cities? Why did you like them so much?

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