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Explore The Unexplored: Remote Destintions To Consider For Your Next Adventure

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Feel like a real challenge on your next travel? These locations aren’t easy to access but are worth the effort- get away from the hustle and bustle and tourist traps and explore some of the most remote places in the world. Here are some destinations you could consider if you want to get way, way away from it all:


Australia: The Outback

‘The Outback’ is the name given to vast, unpopulated and remote areas that make up Australia’s interior and remote coasts. Home to animal species that exist nowhere else in the world, breathtaking geological formations and vast red deserts- if you want a destination that’s off the beaten path then you won’t be disappointed here. Kimberley tours of the remote west coast area are fun way to really see the area. You could go on a camel trek, a luxury four wheel drive, even a yacht charter.

The Arctic: Various Countries

The Arctic isn’t a country, it’s actually an area made up of parts of Alaska, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Russia. The countries themselves aren’t necessarily remote, however since the Arctic has varying levels of snow and ice cover during the year, it allows it to remain as one of the most unspoiled areas in the world. It might have an incredibly treacherous climate, but there’s many different wildlife species which live in the here, so it’s a fantastic destination to see different animals. The most remote areas of the Arctic can only be accessed at certain times of year. In the midst of the winters, there’s no way to get to some places at all.

Madagascar: Masoala National Park

Madagascar is an island off the coast of Africa. Masoala is a national park on the island provides an excellent opportunity for adventurers to experience the unique plants and animals of the island, and it’s so remote you have to board a cargo ship to get there. Many boats have been known to capsize making the journey, so it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But adventure into this part of the world and you will discover incredible wildlife, rainforests, beaches and reefs.

Canada: Fort Severn

Want to get lost in the middle of nowhere? In Ontario, there’s a community called Fort Severn which really is isolated. The nearest permanent road is over three hundred miles away, and accessing the area is no walk in the park either. You have to use ice roads during the winter, or float during the summer! The community was inhabited for thousands of years by various cultures of indigenous people, and is a fascinating cultural and historical place that will really put your busy modern life in perspective.

Russia: Sakahalin

Want to visit an area that’s mostly uninhabited? In Sakhalin in Russia, outsiders weren’t even allowed to visit until as recently as 1990. You can see pristine beaches, stunning rock cliffs and spectacular scenery in this stunning, isolated location. It can be viewed either from the Japanese side or the Russian side. A fascinating view into how two very different cultures meet.

Where’s the most remote place you have ever visited?

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