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Here's what a TK Business Class flight feels like

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Before last week, I had never flown business class, nor had I ever dreamed about it (hello, broke uni student life). So when Turkish Airlines invited me over to fly to Istanbul in luxury on one of their two daily flights from Malta to Istanbul, I could hardly say no, could I?  

If you're following me on Instagram, you'll already have seen a ton of photos from Istanbul - I love the city and there's definitely more to come, but today I want to share the absolute treat that flying with Turkish Airlines is. I often fly with them in economy, but business class is another world entirely! Starting off from the surreal VIP lounge at Ataturk airport, equipped with gourmet buffets around every corner, massage parlours (I KNOW right?), beds, showers, a movie theatre, Play Stations, a mini golf, self playing piano, a gorgeous library and pool table, electric race track... I could go on, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

In case you can't tell, leaving that lounge was very, very hard, but on the plane, the party definitely didn't stop! Upon boarding, we were greeted by fresh fruit juices and warm towels to freshen ourselves up while we settled in in our comfy seats. The moment you strap yourself in, the charming staff hover around, catering to your every need (not that there was anything missing). Once the plane reaches a stable height, the menu comes around... for your three course meal, freshly prepared by Turkish Airlines Do&Co. Pampered is an understatement here! 

My flight back home flew (excuse the pun) by, being in absolute comfort and peace (no crying babies in sight, thank god). I managed to work, relax, read and enjoy the view from the two windows each seat gets in business class. 

Is business class worth the extra $$? Definitely, especially for long haul flights where you need every ounce of energy you can save up, or when you just want to live it up a little bit. Signing up to TK's Miles & Smiles program is also great for building up points and getting upgrades - brand loyalty when flying always pays! 

Disclaimer: The Anti-Tourist was invited over to Istanbul by Turkish Airlines. Opinions, however, remain my own. 

Turkish Airlines flies from Malta to Istanbul twice daily. 

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