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The Ultimate Travel Playlist

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What are your travel essentials? 

Chances are one of the things you always pack is a set of headphones and some kick ass songs to listen to when you're on trains, buses, departure lounges, the works. Music has the power to bring back some really blissful moments and memories, and together with a few travel bloggers, I've put together a list of songs that either inspire us to travel, or bring back some great memories from abroad. 

Headphones on? Scroll down, kick back and enjoy the ride - and don't forget to comment below and tell me your favourite travel songs! 

1. Africa - Toto
Classic or what? This song makes me homesick for places I've never been, but sorely want to visit. Only a really powerful song can do that, right? 

2. Costa Rica - Vince Vaccaro
Heather from Extra Adventure is all about the next journey: 

"Costa Rica by Vince Vaccaro gets my travel spirit. In my mind, it's all about resetting your path and choosing a new adventure."

3. Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz
I play this one at least twice a week - it just reflects my state of mind so perfectly, especially when the day at the office is a super long or dull one.

4. Someone like you - Adele
While Adele may not be your first pick for travel songs, travel blogger Joanna from The World in My Pocket tells us why this ballad means so much: 

"I love this song because it reminds me of my trip to Vietnam. The funny thing was that I found this old iPod in Hong Kong filled with a lot of random Chinese songs and, among them, Adele’s first album. When I boarded the night train to Vietnam I was so tired that I need an incentive to sleep, so I started listening to the album, for the first time. I loved it so much that now every time I hear Adele’s songs I think of how much fun I had during my two weeks of exploring Vietnam."

5. I Was Here - Beyonce
With this song, the Queen herself sums up what it feels like to stand before a beautiful landscape, a gorgeous beach, with the waves gently lapping at the sand, or an iconic building or square. I Was Here is the exact bittersweet feeling of happiness because you're seeing these beautiful new places, but sadness because you know you probably won't be there ever again.

6. Great Escape - Mike Dignam
Natalie from Why She Lives to Run knew that it was fate when she heard this one: 

"He was the opener at an American Authors concert where I was with my friend. Just that day we had decided to drop everything after our bachelor's degree and to travel the world together. He introduced the song with "have you ever wanted to pack your things and just go? This song's for you!" During the 18 months we spent on the road, that was our anthem because in a way, it was our 'great escape'."

7. Holocene - Bon Iver
Lia from Practical Wanderlust reminds us of her roadtripping days with Bon Iver:

"We have a whole playlist for driving through our home state of California, and this is the song we listen to when we drive through tall, majestic Redwoods. There is nothing like a thousand year old tree the size of a house to remind you that, in the words of the song, you are not magnificent. It's the same feeling I get when I travel."

8. This is the Life - Amy Macdonald
Lisa from Losing your Feet knows that travel is freedom: 

"This song was on nearly constant repeat during a 3-week road trip across the south coast of Australia with two other girls.We had only a loose plan and no real itinerary, finding campsites along the way, and each day began with "where are we going to sleep tonight?" To me, it sums up the kind of perfect freedom and confidence you feel when you're in your 20s and experiencing spontaneous travel." 

9. Run like Hell - Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd's album, The Wall, will always take me back to Rome, and the magic, magic night we got to see Roger Waters perform the album live. If you've ever been to a live concert, you'll know the electric atmosphere of being in the pit, jumping and screaming to your favourite songs with another thousand people or more. It's an incredible feeling that gets me everytime, and no one does it quite like Mr Waters.

10. Let Go - Paul van Dyk
A bit of an oldie, but this one is just all my teenage travels (real and wishlisted) wrapped up in a three minute song. From driving around late at night in fast cars (sorry mum) to backpacking trips and meeting the most awesome people from all over the world, Let Go is the song to listen to.

For the travelers, I hope this playlist becomes part of your happiest memories. For those who are staying home for a while, here's hoping it inspires your future travels. 

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