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Photo Diary: Exploring Thrace

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The only way to understand someone's love for Turkey is to just go. Literally, book a flight, pick a city or region and get exploring.  

I realise that may not be the best introduction ever for a post on why you should visit Turkey, but it's true! Everyone I've met who has been to Turkey has told me the same thing - when they go back home and tell their friends about how wonderful it is, they're met with blank faces and disbelieving looks. But a journey in Turkey can take you from busy beaches to quiet mountains, urban cities to hidden villages, and everywhere you go, a welcoming smile (and a hearty lunch) is guaranteed. 

A while back, I flew over to the Thrace region with Go Turkey and the Thrace Development Agency to explore this relatively unknown area of Turkey. Although we did the main cities like Edirne and drank our way through the Thracian wine route, it was the really unexpected stops during our roadtrip that stuck with me the most. 

The Thrace region, or Trakya, is about an hour's drive away from Istanbul, and borders with Greece and Bulgaria. The main regions are Tekirdag, Edirne and Kirklareli, but the drive between these regions will take you through some gorgeous villages, beaches and views. Take some time to stop, take some tea with the locals and enjoy the experience. 

Scroll down to take a look at my favourite stops:

Have you ever been to Trakya? What are your favourite hidden spots? Share in the comments below! 

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