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The best Instagrams from this weekend's Notte Bianca

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Notte Bianca is possibly September's most awaited event, and closes the summer off with a bang. For one night every year, Malta's capital city becomes a lively hub of music, art, poetry, and naturally, food! The event attracts thousands to Valletta, and it's a popular date with locals and travelers alike.

Here are, in no particular order, a few of our favourite shots from this year's event. When you're done, share this post with a friend who needs a little push to go with you next year!

1. This shot of Parliament House from the top floor

A photo posted by Joe Grima (@joegrima88) on

2. This adorable paper boat installation

3. This shot of our amazing National Library

4. Valletta's streets, all lit up

A photo posted by Rhiannon Paine (@rhiannonpaine_) on

5. This incredible ice sculpture

6. St John's Co-Cathedral, shining as always

聖ヨハネ大聖堂⛪️🔔 . セントポール大聖堂やサンピエトロ大聖堂、ノートルダム大聖堂とはまた全然違う華やかさ!規模は小さいけど壁や天井や床の一つ一つが本当に細かくてすごかった。 天井も絵に見えるけど、油絵で石灰岩に直接描いてあるんだって。 #聖ヨハネ大聖堂#マルタ#騎士団#ヨハネ#天井の件は #地球の歩き方#参照#てへっ 🙊 #綺麗#感動#素敵#今日#無料#ラッキー #写真では伝わりきらないシリーズ #nottebianca#stjohns#cathedral #valletta#Malta 🇲🇹
A photo posted by Rui (@ruichan514) on

7. The majestic Upper Barrakka

8. Chilling at the Bridge Bar

A photo posted by Claudia Hernaiz (@monkey.clau) on

9. One of Valletta's many churches

10. This classic candy, a staple during Maltese festi

A photo posted by Bernard S Sammut (@bernardmalta) on

and 11. A globe, made out of Maltese lace! 

Tag a friend who needs to come to Valletta ASAP with you, and send us a Tweet with your picture there too! 

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