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Skuhna - Love is the secret ingredient

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It's useless denying that Europe has an issue with migration. For the past few years, it's all our politicians have been talking about, though it seems that very few are going beyond the endless parliamentary debates.  

Is there one solution to this crisis? I sincerely doubt it, but over in Ljubljana, a tiny restaurant is making a huge impact.

Skuhna, found right in the heart of the city, may look like just another restaurant, but it really began as a social enterprise with the aim of integrating immigrants in Ljubljana by creating job opportunities, and allowing them to learn about the Slovenian way of life. What was the best way of doing this? By combining the one passion we all share in common: the love for food. 

Noting the culinary skills of many migrants, especially when cooking traditional dishes from their countries of origin, as well as the demand for African, Asian and South American food in Ljubljana at the time, the founders of Skuhna decided to combine supply and demand and open the restaurant. It was a huge success, and today, Skuhna offers its a different menu every day, depending on the different chefs coming in to cook.

We were told all this by the charming owners of the place, while eating a glorious lunch of simple but impeccably prepared Tunisian dishes. Tender, juicy chicken served on a bed of spiced cous cous and steamed veggies, followed by a selection of herbal teas made for the perfect break in the city. Did I mention that no dish served at Skuhna costs more than 10 Euro? You're welcome.  

Through their work, the people over at Skuhna are spreading the values of respect, tolerance, responsibility, awareness and diversity to both locals and immigrants. They are showing the world that having a team with members coming from all over the world is a recipe for success. 

The restaurant is now also serving as a cultural hub for talks, music sessions and workshops to take place, offering a venue where Slovenians and minorities can connect and interact freely. 

I've never been happier to eat out then here at Skuhna, and I would recommend it to anyone - which is why I'm sharing it with you, of course! You can find Skuhna at 56, Trubarjeva Street (which is right in the city center, so a pedestrian zone) - check out their Facebook page for opening hours and their constantly changing daily menu! 

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