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Ljubljana is Europe's Green Capital - and it's obvious why

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Every year, the European Commission announces a city to be Europe's Green Capital, with the aim to promote both the city and a sustainable way of life. This year, the torch has been passed on to Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, and few cities deserve this title more. 

Ljubljana is an incredibly beautiful city with a historic city centre that is lined with baroque buildings all along the Ljubljanica river. On top of a hill, an ancient castle overlooks the city. The people are friendly, the atmosphere is bustling but not chaotic, and more importantly - the city is clean

Within the city centre, no cars are allowed, bar ambulances and a few electric vehicles that are on call for residents, especially older people, to go to and from their homes in the centre. Electric taxis and bicycles are also available for anyone to use. Outside the no-car zone, parking is tucked away underground. 

Trash is rarely seen around either, and bins are tubes that lead to underground recycling collection points. The river too is clean, which is quite a rarity for rivers running through capitals. It is so clean that water fountains are dotted all around the city, and offer free fresh water for thirsty travelers. 

Ljubljana's care for the environment is one of the many things making the city an amazing destination, so a word of advice for anyone who intends to visit: please, please keep it that way. 

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