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Live like a local in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Vietnam is one of those immensely complex and beautiful countries that keep you coming back for more - there's just no way you can explore all the beauty and different facets of this Asian country all in one go, especially if you stick to the beaten path. Which is why today I'm delighted to write about a little niche company that offers travelers around Hanoi the opportunity to explore the area like, and with, a true local - the Recycle Tour Company.

Dien Nguyen Duc is an incredibly friendly Vietnamese photographer living the simple life in Hanoi. He started the Recycle Tour Company to show travelers the real life in Vietnam, by both opening his own home to others, as well as traveling alongside them to different areas around Hanoi. He and his brand represent true Anti-Tourist spirit, eco-tourism and full sustainability, which is why I can't recommend them enough!
Among the services the Company offers, travelers are given a 'local buddy' - someone who travels with them, showing them every aspect of Vietnamese life, from sleeping on a bus to biking around mountains and trying street food to even learning some Vietnamese!
Dien also offers a number of tours to different areas, catering to a variety of tastes. From Sapa to Ha Giang, Cat Ba to the iconic Ha Long Bay, Cao Bang, and our very favourite, the Y TY Eco Local Tour in the Bat Xat District. Hoi An tours in the heart of the city are also available. The tours are described in great detail here, together with all prices in Vietnamese Dong. I love that the Recycle Tour Company are so upfront, with no surprises at the end and incredibly affordable rates. The tours take you from taking the local bus to your destination, any activities, home stays and meals with locals, and any other events, depending on the region.
From walking along rice terraces, to bathing underneath waterfalls, while learning about Vietnamese culture and enjoying great company, I already want to pack my bags and go!
You can contact Dien here for any additional information, and give their page a like here to stay tuned on all updates and general wanderlust vibes from Vietnam!

Disclaimer: The Anti-Tourist was commissioned to write for the Recycle Tour Company - opinions however remain, as always, my own. All photography credit and copyright goes to Dien Nguyen Duc.

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