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4 Quirky stops you must make in North America

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Holidays should be all about taking time off, but sometimes it can turn into quite the stressful event. One sound idea to make sure your trip works out is to look for a destination that's a bit different from any holiday you've taken before, and crucially, different from where everyone else is going. Something that stands out and is a little bit unusual, that excites the imagination while allowing scope to relax. In North America, there are plenty of such destinations, but you have to know where to look.

1. Cochrane, Ontario: Polar Bear Paradise

Nature is a weird and wonderful mistress.  It provides us with stunning scenery, exciting climates and a world of attractions. Taking the chance to pose for a photograph with a real live polar bear? Don't worry, it's safe, as you're separated by plexiglass. These majestic creatures are a joy to behold. In a world of climate change, Cochrane's conservation facility is doing great work in keeping their numbers up.
2. Mexico's Island Of The Dolls
If you like your holidays a little weird, then Isla de las Munecas is something you really must see. Flocks of people are attracted here to see the Island where one man hanged a doll from a tree to ward off evil spirits. More dolls joined that one, until there were dozens of them around the Island. The story of Don Julian Santana, who placed that first doll, is a chilling one. As a place to visit, this is one that will make for many stories.
3. Revelstoke, Canada
Revelstoke's Enchanted Forest is a monument to a husband and wife's artistic vision. Its wooden sculptures and dry stone walls are all crafted from nothing but natural resources, using hand tools. Doris and Ernest Needham, who bought the forest and constructed the attractions, have now passed on. Their artistic vision lives, though.
If the weird and wonderful attractions of Canada interest you, then a quick visitor's visa can be obtained online. A quick visit to is all you need to get the ball rolling.
4. San Francisco's Wave Organ
If you're looking for offbeat trips in the USA, then San Francisco is always a worthwhile place to look. Along with Alcatraz and Lombard Street, your penchant for the bizarre can find real satisfaction with the Wave Organ. Built 30 years ago, it is an acoustic sculpture that makes use of the sounds of the sea to create an ethereal, beautiful experience.
There is real beauty in the unusual, and if you're tired of the same holiday experiences, these are just a few locations worth checking out. All are close enough to more conventional tourist spots if you feel like you want to come back down to Earth!

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