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Sciacca Grill: Valletta's steakhouse

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As a full time uni student, June is always a bit quiet on the traveling side. Finals are well under way and all-nighters and coffee are the way we roll during this month. However, this weekend I treated myself to a girls night out in Valletta and stopped by at Sciacca's, in South Street.

If you're a meat lover, say hello to your new addiction - Sciacca's serves incredibly fresh meat, cooked to perfection in a huge fiery oven, giving it that charcoaled taste while keeping the meat pink inside. We had three Irish beef rib-eyes, together with roast potatoes, veg, fries and a cold glass of wine, and the bill, while not on the cheap side, was quite reasonable. The perfect study break! 


This is not a sponsored post, but I have to recommend Sciacca's - if you're in Valletta and are craving some seriously good meat in a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place you should head to. The city at night is quite beautiful too - perfect for walking off a divine meal! 

Have you been to Sciacca's? What is your favourite Valletta haunt? 

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