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Where To Go When: June // July // August

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Disclaimer: This post is in no way saying that there is only one specific time to go somewhere. What we are trying to do here is spot out the best possible time to visit, but it really depends on your specific taste and preference.

With that out of the way, scroll down to discover the best of this summer's destinations, conveniently scheduled by month. Summer = sorted!

----   June   ----

Croatia has been steadily becoming a popular destination, and with good reason: stunning, clean beaches, less tourists and a nightlife to rival Ibiza's. If you're looking for the classic beach all day / party all night, don't miss out on the Dalmatian coast and the hundreds of little islands (Hvar and Bol are personal favourites). If culture's more your thing, cities like Dubrovnik and Split have you covered. 


I know what you're thinking - London, in summer?! Hear me out: the streets are quieter and there's a 90% chance of getting blue skies - which, as Londoners will tell you, is a miracle in its own right. Check out the various parks and gardens around town, and take a barge trip to Camden town for your alternative fix. 

----   July   -----

After the long months of cold hibernation, Swedes come to life in Summer. The mild temperatures are perfect for enjoying the outdoors without melting off; so rent a bike, take your coffee outdoors and picnic at the lo-fi islands nearby. 


The Greek isles are popular for a reason - the gorgeous whitewashed streets and blue doors, matching sea and sky - it's the dream. Ios is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Santorini, but it's incredibly quieter and it has an amazing nightlife scene. If you're looking for quiet private beaches - you're in for a treat too! 

----   August   ----

At first glance, you'd think the crystalline beaches and fine sands belong to a Carribean or Mediterranean isle, but you'd be wrong - the Channel Islands are surprisingly beautiful in summer! Neither British nor French, islands like Guernsey, Jersey and Sark have a unique history and lifestyle. Combine the classic cobbled harbour towns, fish'n'chips and ice cream vans by the beach and you've got yourself the perfect getaway. 

St Petersburg

When you think about it, visiting typically colder cities in summer makes perfect sense. St Petersburg in August means that you don't freeze your ass off trying to explore its streets, and the locals have thrown their fur coats off and are ready to get down - hey, I said the coat goes, not the vodka! 

What do you think - are your summer travels now lined up, or do you have somewhere else in mind? Let me know, I'd love to hear all about your plans! 

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