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Hand Luggage Essentials + GIVEAWAY!

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Whether I'm travelling with just my hand luggage or with checked-in luggage in tow, I never leave home without a list of items I've found to be essential over my years of travel. Getting ready to pack your stuff? Read on and make sure you've checked these off your list!  

1. A sturdy Carry-On

Your hand luggage will be carrying your valuables, so you'll need something you can depend on. I've found ECBC bags to be sturdy, no-nonsense and most importantly, big enough to carry all the things I need to have at hand when flying. Their bags are really well made - from their water repellent coating to the rubber protected zippers to the padded back - I really can't praise the make of these bags enough.

The Hercules Backpack is a great size, and the shape leaves my hands free. The best part of this backpack, however, is that it's security checkpoint friendly. How? The laptop portion opens completely so that it lies flat on the security belt, so you don't have to take your electronics out of the bag every time you get to an X-Ray checkpoint. How handy is that?

2. Documents

You won't really go far without these, will you? Here's a list of the papers I always carry with me:

- Passport, Identity card and boarding pass(es);
- Driving licence (if you're planning to rent a car);
- Copy of any booked transportation and accommodation plans;
- Travel itinerary: before I leave home, I always draft a plan of what I'll be doing / seeing. I like to leave this as flexible as possible so as to be able to change it if necessary;
- Visa (if necessary): even if it's just an electronic visa, I'd bring physical proof that it has been paid and confirmed.

3. Valuables

Don't forget your wallet with credit cards and cash - already converted if necessary. If you're travelling with jewelry, I'd suggest you keep it in your hand luggage in a safe pocket.

4. Electronics

This part depends on how long my trip is, and what I'm travelling for. If it's just a weekend getaway, there's no way you'll see me behind my laptop, but if it's work, then bring on the laptop and tablet! *sigh*

- Phone;
- Camera Equipment;
- Laptop & Tablet;
- Wall chargers to all of the above;
- Portable charger: the Hercules backpack comes with a handy 4500 mAh battery and micro-USB charging cable, perfect for charging my phone when I've drained it after a day of sightseeing or emergencies;
- Headphones: if your bag's a bit crammed, you can't go wrong with a pair of classic earbud headphones - perfect for muting those damn babies on the plane.

5. Body care

You'll never see me abroad with a whole bag of cosmetics, but my compact moisturiser is my best travel buddy, especially during long haul flights. Don't forget your standard pack of tissues and wet wipes!

6. Snacks

The lighter and healthier you eat when travelling, the more energised you'll feel. Forget McD or Burger King at the terminal gates; instead, go for a filling protein bar and a bottle of water.

7. Bits and Pieces

- Pen & paper for those sudden bursts of inspiration;
- A good read: I'm currently obsessed with Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur;
- Sunglasses;
- Scarf: it can get chilly on board!

There you have it: my list of basics that comes with me wherever I go. What wouldn't you travel without? Did I leave something out? Let me know!


In keeping with this article's theme and just because you're the best online travel buddies ever, I've teamed up with ECBC to give one lucky reader his own Hercules laptop backpack, worth $139.99! Winning is super easy and will take you two minutes tops: 

1. Follow The Anti-Tourist and ECBC on Instagram; and

That's it! You have until next Saturday (14th May) to participate, after which we'll be announcing the winner over on Instagram. Good luck and happy travels! 

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