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Exquisite wine tasting - Tal-Massar Winery, Gozo

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Visiting Tal-Massar Winery in Għarb, Gozo, was definitely a highlight of last weekend's trip to Gozo. For us, Gozo is the place we go to chill out, so we usually stick to the tried and tested food - beach - food - beach routine, but discovering this gem definitely makes me want to go back and explore more of this small island.

Anthony and Marisa, the couple who own the winery, greet you in Għarb and show you around their vineyards. The location of these vineyards is unique, in that the soil is very chalky and dry. They are also at a high point in Gozo, which means that wind is an unavoidable element here. This all affects the type of grapes produced and the final wine (the views aren't too bad either!).

After this introduction, the wine tasting begins, accompanied by delicious home made nibbles. The wines produced vary from a summery white wine, a dry rose, a rich, fruity red and an unbelievable port-like liquor wine. Throughout the tasting, Anthony explains to the group how the wines acquire their taste, colour and consistency, and also gives some secret tips on how to best enjoy them! 

The atmosphere at Tal-Massar is friendly and welcoming - Anthony and Marisa clearly love what they do and are eager to share it with others. I'll definitely be returning next time around, and I highly recommend it to you too! 

Practical Info: 

- Booking your own wine tasting session is easy - get in touch with Anthony and Marisa online here
- The Winery is in Għarb, one of the quietest villages in the northern part of Gozo. 
- Visiting the vineyards is of course weather dependent, so visiting in the warmer months is recommended (although wine tasting is still carried out in bad weather)

Disclaimer: The Anti-Tourist was invited to review Tal-Massar Winery, but as always, views presented are my own.

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