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Going beyond clichés: Romantic getaways, revisited

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Travelling with a significant other is probably one of the most fun things you can do, and if you're anything like me and my Mr, you're always looking for the next new adventure. Over time, I've found that it's not just where you go that matters, it's how the two of you live it. 

If you and your partner have been spending hours on the internet looking for somewhere new to drum up a bit of romance, then you need to stop and go back to the classics - just with a twist! The traditional 'couple' destinations are iconic for a reason - you just have to do some extra research to discover something fresh away from the tourist traps.

You guessed it, Paris is pretty much number one on the list of romantic destinations. However, even if you and your partner have been countless times before, or you're just not the 'city of love' kind, I'm still convinced you'll find something amazing to do in Paris. 

Local Parisians will be sure to tell you that Paris isn’t all about simply the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe - there’s loads to do! Ever heard of the Island of the Temple of Love? Didn’t think so. If the sun is beginning to set and neither of you are all that hungry yet, jump on the Metro and head down to the Bois de Vincennes. This is a massive public park in the middle of the city. Already sounds a lot more fun than sticking a lock on the end of a bridge, doesn’t it? This is an incredibly beautifully 19th-century temple, and although it is a bit of a trek to reach, that is all part of the fun. What could be more romantic than journeying together? I recommend hiring out a little boat and sailing across yourself, it isn’t much of a distance - so no need to panic! However, it makes a great alternative to the normal stroll across the bridge. Go there just a little before sunset to enjoy the park at its most stunning. You’ll no longer feel like you’re in the middle of a capital city anymore, and it'll be just the two of you alone.


Ah, Venice. Every time I visit I fall in love with the city all over again, let alone with the hubby! Sadly, Venice is probably one of the greatest tourist traps on the continent, so how do you avoid the pricey gondola and 50 euro cappucino in St Mark's Square? Well, a leisurely stroll around the many alleyways of the city is one way of doing that, but your best bet is the food. Yepp - Italian food is a surefire success, and the Emilia Delizia Venicefood experience, for example, is one of many escapades being offered up by a variety of companies. This is undoubtedly the perfect way to get past the clichés of Italian food and to have a truly Venetian and romantic experience. You’ll love it!

Well, what do you think of revisiting the love cities of the world? Is it innovative or just passe? Let me know what you think, and what your favourite romantic destinations are! My advice to you on cliches is to not write them off simply because you think you’ve had everything they’ve got to offer - the chances are, you really haven’t!

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