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5 Things to Do to Satisfy your Wanderlust - Without Traveling

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Is it just me, or is everyone on the internet suddenly travelling full time? When did I miss the free-ticket bonanza? 

It's tough to admit, especially when you'd rather be hiking around the world, but for most of us, travel isn't always an option. From work commitments to family plans to just being flat out broke - sometimes jumping on that plane simply isn't an option. HOWEVER, just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you can't have tons of fun and adventures! 

Here's what I do when I'm not in transit, as well as some great tips from fellow travel bloggers: 

1. DayTripper 

A day-trip to the Upside Down House - Bavaria, Germany
LeAnna from Economical Excursionists writes: "As a budget traveler, one of the best things we have learned to do is find day trips to go on.  Doing day trips saves you TONS of money by not having to worry about flights and hotels and best of all, you get to sleep in the comfort of your own bed each night!  

No matter where you live, you should be able to find something to do within a few hours drive. Sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity and research.  Even picnics at a nearby state park, or a museum in a few towns over can turn into quite an adventure if you are open to it. We currently live in Bavaria, Germany, and this is how we spend our time here." 

2. Play the Tourist Game! 

Roxana from Travel & Escapes writes, "I am very lucky to have Australia as my backyard! Whilst I have traveled through most of Australia, some places stand out, and with good reason. Don't miss out on the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island and of course, the Great Barrier Reef! Millions come down under to scuba dive there, and with very good reason - it's a once in a lifetime experience."

While over here at The Anti-Tourist we promote alternative travel, touristy spots are famous for a reason. Visiting the ones in your area makes for a fun adventure with friends and family! 

3. Do your Research! 

Bedford's own Garden of Eden?
Rachel from The Imagination Trail writes, "Last year I was living in Bedford, a small town in the UK, unable to get out much because I was saving up to travel full-time. I wasn’t expecting there to be much to see, but one day some idle Googling revealed that Glenn Miller, the famous wartime band leader, had been stationed nearby, where there was now a museum. 

Later, a friend mentioned a house in the centre of the town, now also a museum, where a religious society had lived and where they had believed that the site of the Garden of Eden lay. It turned out there were some hidden historical gems to discover after all. Never presume that there’s nothing of interest in your town; look up local history, ask around, and see what you can uncover."

4. Camp! 

Kyle's camping adventures
Kyle from Drift Away writes, "camping is a cost effective way to do something different, either alone or with friends, and have a great time. Do groceries and bring all of your own stuff - there's no sense in camping in the wild and eating every meal in a nearby restaurant! Pitch a tent and get the full experience of spending time in the wilderness. Most campsite fees are no more than 20 Euro per night - bargain! 

Not made for the outdoors? More and more campsites are making cabins available to people who like the outdoors but don't want to spend all of their time in the woods. Some people need home comforts, and that's okay."

5. Adjust your Perspective

Ashlyn in Saskatchewan
Ashlyn from The Lost Girl's Guide writes, "few people travel their own backyard. I know this because I spent a year being paid to do just that and constantly encountered locals who had never been to locations less than a twenty minute drive from where they live. When you live somewhere, you experience a location differently. You go to the grocery store, the shopping mall and you catch up with friends. You don’t as often go to the local museums, art galleries, outdoor attractions or historical locations. It’s your home so you don’t have to experience it as a traveler. 

But having spent a year traveling my home province of Saskatchewan, I discovered as many authentic experiences in the 651, 900 square kilometres of its borders as I did in 43 countries on 6 continents. The best part was I could do it all in a day or long weekend, and the destinations were usually no more than a four hour drive away. 
There is just as much to see, do and experience where you live as there is out in the world, sometimes all it takes is viewing your location from a different perspective. Try it, you’ll be surprised with what you discover!"

So - have we inspired you to go explore your own backyard yet? Whether it's a thousand miles or a few metres away from home, travelling is all about gaining new experiences and opening our minds to new perspectives, so don't fret about the destination - focus on yourself. :)

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