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Going Under the Beaten Path in the Dupnisa Cave

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Over here at The Anti-Tourist, we take off the beaten path very seriously. When we say off the beaten path, we mean places like the Dupnisa cave, hidden in the forests between the Turkish and Bulgarian border, 58 kilometers away from the principal city in Kirklareli, Turkey.

Reaching the cave is no easy feat, so read through til the end of this post - I have some practical tips for you!
You know you've arrived when the road ends into a sweet picnic spot, with tracks leading into the forest and little streams all around. Follow the signs and make your way through arches and over bridges until you reach the mouth of the cave. This walk alone takes you through some really amazing landscapes so enjoy it!

The cave itself is the only one of its kind in the region of Thrace, and is made up of three interconnecting caves. They're full of stalagmites and stalactites and are very easy to navigate. The uppermost one is closed to the public, because it's the home of more than 60,000 bats! Pretty sure they're hiding the Bat Mobile...

The cave takes you upwards until you surface at a rather high mountain's edge, so watch your step! Most explorers don't go the whole way, so you're likely to have the area to yourself. Enjoy the fresh air and relax after the walk. 

Practical Tips:

- Driving through the forest is pretty much the only way of getting there, so get your GPS ready - you really don't want to get lost here! Get on the Kirklareli - Demirkoy route (State Road D555) and drive right into the forest. Don't give up, what awaits you at the end of the road is worth it.

- Due to the large number of bats, the Cave is open only from mid-May until mid-November, so plan accordingly. 

- Thankfully, there are no shops or restaurants here - pack your lunch and drinks before you get on the road. 

- Wear comfy hiking gear. The paths and steps are not particularly difficult, but you'll want to be as comfortable as possible. 

- Don't just go into the cave and leave! Enjoy the area, it's a lovely quiet forest and has some really gorgeous landscapes.

Got any tips of your own? Share them in the comments below! :) 

The Anti-Tourist would like to thank Go Turkey and the Thrace Development Agency for hosting this press trip. The Anti-Tourist was not paid to write this article and opinions remain, as always, the writer's own.  

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