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A sunny December Picnic in Malta!

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Is there anything better than a sunny day off work, spent with the ones closest to your heart?
Trick question - there really isn't :) 

I didn't quite get why CNN recently named Malta as a top 10 country to spend Christmas in, but after today, I do think they have a point! It's December but the sun is shining, we're running around in tees and making tea on an open fire. It might not be your conventional white Christmas, but I guess we still know how to have fun in the sun!  

If you're in the South, Xrobb l-Għaġin is a really beautiful area for a picnic - it's quiet and there are some shady spots with lovely views! It's a short bumpy drive away from Marsaxlokk, but very quiet and detached from everywhere else.

Preparation is key to enjoying yourself here: take with you chairs or a blanket, a sturdy table, enough food to feed an army (if you want to do it in true Maltese style), something to drink, a game or two and anything you'd need to clean up after! Always leave the countryside in a better state than you found it.

Happy holidays!

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