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The Hotel in the middle of a Vineyard: Welcome to Bakucha

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As you may imagine, my travels have led me to sleep in a lot of different beds around the world. Some have been almost uninhabitable and seemed downright dangerous, while some have been fun and made journeys more comfortable. Bakucha Hotel & Spa, however, sweeps the floor with any hotel I've ever slept in, and completely blew my mind. 

I arrived at the Bakucha after a day of tasting Thrace's incredible Wine Route, The hotel is in the north eastern section of this route, in an area which was called Lozengrad in the past - literally meaning "grape town". Arcadia Vineyards, the estate where Bakucha is situated, made the most of the fertile soil and replanted a massive 200 hectares' worth of vines, from which some divine wines are made. Just like its wines, the Hotel is unique, elegant and a joy to discover. 

The Room: 

First things first: sleeping quarters! The rooms are all brand new and very tastefully furnished. Every room overlooks the lawns, pool, jacuzzi and spa facilities (more on those below), as well as the sprawling vineyards of course! Try waking up just a little after sunset and enjoy observing the sky changing colours and lighting up the grounds - it's something I won't forget in a while.  

The Food: 

Oh my goodness the food. Equipped with their very own haute cuisine chefs, the lovely waiting staff down at the restaurant serve the most mouthwatering dishes, paired of course, with the adequate wine for every plate. The whole affair was so good I completely forgot to take pictures of the food! Coming from a photo-obsessed blogger, that's the biggest compliment I can give to any meal. 

Did I mention that the restaurant's walls are made out of glass? That view's just the prettiest cherry on the proverbial cake. 

The Spa Facilities: 

The Spa is perhaps the most attractive part of the complex. Facilities include massages, saunas, and a stunning Turkish bath - the iconic hammam. 

After dinner, we changed into our costumes, sweated it off in the sauna, relaxed and covered ourselves in fragrant soaps in the hammam, then ran for our lives and jumped into the warm bubbling jacuzzi outside. It's an incredibly peaceful experience: you're warm as toast in the jacuzzi in the cold night air, alone in a huge estate, gazing at the stars and the full moon. Can I please go back? 

The Vineyards: 

As a guest of Bakucha, the vineyards are your playground. The hotel offers guided tours, showing you how the divine wine is produced, stored and bottled, and the beautiful lush vineyards themselves. It's impressive to see how committed the brand's workers are to their wines, and the level of detail they go to to make sure the best wine is produced. Perhaps most importantly, they do this in complete respect of the environment, and in the most organic way possible. 


The Bakucha hotel is not the easiest place to get to, which adds to its charm and appeal as a unique getaway, or perhaps a romantic escape. Get in touch with the lovely hotel staff to get help on how to best get there, as well as to book your room.

The hotel is open from April to November, which are the best months to witness the harvesting and wine production processes. It's a sight I definitely recommend seeing, and if you can do it while being pampered in one of the best hotels in Turkey, why not do it next year?

Take my word for it - you need to spend a night (or two, or three) at the Bakucha. You won't want to come back.

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