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Step back in time at The Weaving Mill, Nicosia

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A few blocks away from the buzzing atmosphere of Ledra Street, an unassuming glass door invites you in to a warmly lighted space. Welcome to The Weaving Mill, Nicosia's best kept secret.

Step into the checkered-tiled cafe and take your pick of the age-softened leather sofas, or pick the rickety embroidered rocking chair by the ticking grandfather clock. Make yourself at home among the book-lined walls, or grab a guitar and strum a few strings.

The cafe is the meeting place of Nicosian students and local old souls. As I sipped a delicious rose cordial, the friendly owner of the place told me how the whole idea began as a meeting place of indie film lovers, who would gather there weekly to watch unknown classics together on the blank wall (the only blank wall in the place; the rest are full of an eclectic mix of old photographs, posters and maps).

The owners of the place later developed The Weaving Mill as a safe haven for anyone wishing to study, work or brainstorm ideas with colleagues, while sipping a cheeky whisky or a warm cup of coffee. The owners clearly encourage this: no one pesters you to order anything, there are no subtle hints to make you give up your seat - it's a relaxed environment where you can find inspiration, socialize or relax and feel at home, even if you're miles away from it.

If you're looking for even more privacy and quiet, there's a small staircase that takes you to a 'members study area' upstairs. There you can find wide desks and plushy sofas, and anything you need to concentrate. 

But of course, if a lazy evening playing card games with your mates is all you need, The Weaving Mill is still the place to be!

If you've got an evening to spare in Nicosia, you can find them in Lefkonos Street Phaneromeni, number 67 - 71. They're open every day from 4pm til late, except for Mondays.

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