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Introducing - Showzee!

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Do you love photography, cool adventures and fabulous escapes?
Do you like staying up to date with the coolest stories from around the world, experienced by people just like you?

Since you're reading this blog, I'm going to guess you've answered yes to both questions ;) If so, read on, I’m going to introduce you to your next online addiction! My friend, welcome to Showzee, the hottest new social media, sharing the experiences worth sharing.

Easy to use; fun to discover: 

Creating your own Showzee account is easy as ABC - you can sync your account with Facebook or sign up with your own email address. Once you're in, customize your profile, but more importantly, your interests - these categories will be creating a home page that's tailored to your tastes. 

Mine are pretty obvious - I picked Travel, Nature, and of course, Food & Drink! #Priorities

Find like-minded adventurers:

The best thing about Showzee is that the people on it share what's really worth sharing - there's no spam and no unnecessary posts, which won't leave you scrolling for hours and feeling like you learned or enjoyed nothing new.

Showzee's for quality stuff you'll actually enjoy, and the best way to enjoy it is to start following users with your same taste. You'll soon have a home page brimming with stories from all over the world!  

Show off your own Showzee:

Sharing personal, real experiences is what makes the Showzee community so awesome. Everyone has something to contribute, so why not start right now? A showzee can be anything that you like - photos from your latest road trip, a hilarious video of you and your mates goofing around, the images that inspire you - the list goes on and on! 

I can't wait to meet you over on Showzee - you can follow me here for fun travel-related stuff (of course)! Get ready to explore a new social site - spam free and fully personalized!

The Anti-Tourist is a proud Ambassador for Showzee.

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