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Weekend snaps - Home

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Traveling's all good, but when your hometown looks like this on a bright Sunday morning, how could anyone resist not enjoying it?

This weekend marks a very special annual event on Birgu's calendar - BirguFest! It's a weekend where the lights go out, and the council and every single house light up the streets with candles and flickering lanterns. Stalls selling artisan crafts also line the main streets, while regal looking knights march around, longswords at hand. 

The main event I was looking forward to this year, however, was the re-opening of Fort St Angelo, the majestic Fort at the very end of the town, overlooking the Grand Harbour. It's currently being restored to its former glory, and this weekend it was open to the public after many years of work! It was just the perfect occasion to stroll along the narrow streets of my childhood in Birgu, and then explore the refurbished Fort. I also had my man and his family with me, which meant I could be a tour guide for the day! 

Parts of the Fort are still being restored, but what was open to the public has clearly been lovingly worked upon. It's still a works in progress, but the views from the bastions remain unparalleled - it's the perfect Sunday outing (especially with some good old ice cream in hand)!

Hope you had a happy weekend just like I did - tell me all about your adventures in the comments section down below, let's forget it's already Monday together! 

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