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Milan: It's raining poetry!

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This weekend's weather forecast in Milan must have been rather bizarre:

"Cloudy, with a chance of poetry"

It happened today at Piazza del Duomo, where a helicopter released over 100,000 poetry notes in the air, written by young Italian poets, for the crowd below to enjoy. 

"Pioggia di Poesie oltre Milano" was organised by Casagrande, a Chilean artistic collective, as part of Chile's involvement in this year's Expo, held in the classic Italian city. From London to Berlin, Warsaw to Dubrovnik, Milan is the 7th city to have been struck by a poetic downpour of words, which speak of love, compassion and hope for a better future. 

Milan, a buzzing crowd and poetry falling from the sky. That's a Saturday that's hard to beat! 

Photo Credits: La Repubblica

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