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Hello, Nicosia

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I think I have to start taking my own advice more frequently!

With all the summer madness, I completely forgot to check my academic calendar, and inadvertently booked myself for a week long exchange on the very first day of uni. Yepp, Day One and I'm at the airport, checking in luggage to Nicosia, Cyprus! Well done, Des! *pat on the back*

Unfortunate timing aside, I'm really looking forward to visiting this city. Cyprus is better known for its stunning beaches and landscapes, but Nicosia does hold its own charm. More importantly, it's the last divided capital city in the whole world, and as a history and politics geek, it's quite the experience for me to visit personally. Walking the Green Line (the UN buffer zone dividing the city) and visiting both sides is an experience that is unique to Nicosia! 

If you've been to Nicosia or around the area, please drop your tips in the comments below, I'd love to try out your favourites! Stay tuned for more from this beautiful city... don't worry if you don't hear from me too soon, I'll probably be in heaven with a glass of local wine and mouthwatering halloumi! 

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