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What is an Unconference?? - The Travel Massive Edition

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These past few weeks, my Instagram feed has been completely taken over by shades of blue and white, sparkling beaches and sprawling landscapes. Why? Because somehow, I found myself on a gorgeous Greek island to participate in an unprecedented event that brought together around 30 professionals working in the tourism industry, and together we shared the first Travel Massive Island Unconference!

First things first: what the hell is an Unconference? Well, it's a kind of conference, but very loosely planned, which encourages participants to give in their own input and share knowledge in an informal way. This structure fit in perfectly with the Greek island life, which makes you want to sit back and slow down your normal pace. Which was fine by me! 

The whole idea of meeting up on a Greek island started as an April Fool's joke on the Travel Massive blog, until the Luxurios Island team from Ios got in touch and proposed a joint digital marketing initiative to promote the beautiful, unspoilt island. Which is where we come in!

As travel bloggers, vloggers and industry professionals, we were tasked with the mission to tell a story on Ios through our digital influence. All our different voices and angles came together with the hashtag #LifeOnIos (which I'm sure you've seen once or twice... OK a thousand times on my media pages!).

The team behind Luxurios gave us ample space and facilities to develop our stories. From the luxury suites at Agalia, to the breezy Free Beach Bar at Mylopotas Beach and the stunningly set Pathos Lounge, we had the perfect setting to explore the island while also discussing its future. Our Unpanels (naturally) and Unworkshops discussed a variety of topics, from the travel industry itself, to sustainable tourism and even the nitty gritty of Youtube and Snapchat!

A normal day at the office in Ios, thanks to Free Beach Bar

Far from being your average blogger press trip, this Unconference proved to be a goldmine of shared information and knowledge, as well as a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers. Add to this mix the splendid backdrop that is the island of Ios, and you've got yourself a week in paradise.

Until next year, Ios!

Disclaimer: The Anti-Tourist would like to thank Aegean Airlines for sponsoring this visit to Ios, as well as Visit Greece, and of course, Travel Massive

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