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Discovering a Secret Beach - #LifeOnIos

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During Travel Massive's Island Unconference, we had some free time to roam and discover Ios for ourselves, which was when I stumbled upon one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever swam in (and I don't say this lightly; I'm blessed to live on an island with spectacular beaches) - Loretzena Beach.

As I came to write this post, I tried Googling the beach to give you some context, but I could barely find it's name, let alone any sort of background, which gives you an idea of just how hidden of a beach it is. Are you in love with it yet? 

After a day of quad biking all over the island, finding this little piece of heaven was just what I needed. Loretzena can be found north of Koubara beach, and most days it's empty, mainly due to the fact that you need some wheels of your own to get to it (no buses here), and there are absolutely no buildings or facilities in the area, which is why I loved it even more. 

When I got to the beach, at around 4pm, this is what I had, all for myself: 

Complete silence, except for the sea lapping gently at the soft sand, gorgeous landscapes all around, and absolute privacy. This is my idea of luxury!


The true charm of Ios, I found, lies in the fact that it is almost completely undeveloped. The landscape has been left unchanged, with minimal human intervention. While this may make getting around slightly harder, it is true sustainability: with Ios, I know that should I return in 50 years' time with my children, I will be able to show them the same landscapes I fell in love with this summer. The same rings true for Loretzena Beach, and I can only hope the authorities have the common sense to keep it that way! 


Sadly, time flew by and too soon I had to ride off to meet the rest of the team for drinks at sunset. These moments of peace, and being one with nature are what makes traveling worth it, and I hope you get to experience it too!

Goodbye Loretzena, and thank you. 

Disclaimer: The Anti-Tourist would like to thank Aegean Airlines for sponsoring this visit to Ios, as well as Visit Greece, and of course, Travel Massive

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