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What happens when you start saying Yes

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If you're anything like me, an average of 100 ideas per week cross your mind. You know the kind: they're mostly about all the stuff you would do once you have some free time, and somehow, they all occur to you when you're at your busiest, and when you actually do find some time to yourself, you forget them all.

From taking up art lessons to getting out that long forgotten guitar, from starting a new workout regime or finally getting around to organizing all your stuff (hoarder alert), everything crosses your mind when you really should be focusing on something else. They're all excellent ideas, but somehow, they remain just that - daydreams.

This blog was one of them. I caught the travel bug years ago, and I always wanted to express my love for this tiny world of ours in some way, but as with all my other brilliant plans, I would always make some excuse to delay actually doing something. You know, every kind of excuse - this is too much work, no one will like it, I'm too busy, etc etc.

So when I managed to publish my first post on this little platform of mine, I surprised myself. It was happening, I was actually doing something which wasn't required of me, with no one to dictate what I can and cannot do. I was doing it for myself, and boy, I loved it.

Fast forward to one year later, the blog has evolved from a personal diary to a community of like-minded travelers. We share travel tips and experiences and marvel at the beauty of this world, which is ours to explore. From a long forgotten idea at the back of my mind, today I am lucky enough to share what matters to me the most with the rest of the world.

But it isn't just the blog that has grown - I changed too. Everyday life was dragging me down, big time - I was nervous, bitchy with the ones around me, and just a sad person inside. Through this blog, I found the creative outlet I needed from my daily routine as a law student. It allows me to write freely, document journeys, and most importantly, connect with you, the reader! It's something I've come to rely on and has made me incredibly happy over these last few months. If I'm doing it, there's no reason why you shouldn't do it too - I may not get around to organizing all my stuff (sorry mum), but it's a hell of a start.

So here's to saying Yes - yes to what you really want to do, yes to finding the time to take care of yourself and your mind, yes to whatever makes you happy. Feel free to share your own story in the comments below! xx

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