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World Environment Day

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June 5th is the United Nation's chosen day to raise international awareness and action for the environment. Climate change, global warming, fracking, deforestation and excessive urbanisation - we're wrecking our own home out of greed and corruption. We need much more than one day to safeguard our beautiful blue planet, but it's a good place as any to start.

Take a good look around you. Are concrete structures and polluted roads all you can see? Is the blue sky slightly tinged with poisonous gases which we breathe every day? You can change that, just by speaking out loud against things that hurt you and your family. Be vocal about your thoughts, show politicians that their people care about the environment, tell your friends to do the same. The planet is ours to take care of - let's start doing it right now.

Big things start from little ones - share this post to show your support for your environment!

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