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TTI: The Steepest Street in the World

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Next time you're trudging up a road back home, arms full of groceries and cursing your city's streets, think of New Zealand's Baldwin Street and rejoice.

Baldwin Street, a result of a spectacular planning fail, is 350 metres long, and ends up with a slope of 19 degrees. You know how you'd never put the gradient on that treadmill on more than 10? Yeah, this road is 19 degrees. You just know everyone living there is an athlete. 

Today, New Zealanders take pride in this street, and often organize a number of events, such as marathons or releasing thousands of round sweet treats or tennis balls down its dizzying slope. This street is so steep, it had to be covered in concrete, because tarmac would melt right down in the summer months. Go hug your local engineer today. 

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