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June update

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Is it just me, or does time simply drag on whenever you just want it to fly by?

For us Uni students, June means only one thing: exams, exams, and even more exams. Because of this, I'm usually to be found locked up in my office behind a mountain of notes, coffee in one hand and highlighter in the other. However, now that we're halfway through this hellish month, I tore myself away from my books for one evening to whip up a casual family dinner, and enjoy the company of the ones closest to me. :)

Substituting coffee for fruity wine and toast for delicious, juicy burgers (I tried out a brand new recipe - it's unbelievable!), we chatted and relaxed, if only for one lovely evening. Sorry the blog's been quiet lately - I promise way more exciting things are coming in the following months! Stay tuned... 

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