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Tuesday Travel Inspiration: Dolphin Island

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Just when I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about the Sea I live in, an island shaped like a dolphin pops up just off the Amalfitan Coast, and it comes with a luxury villa estate, which can be yours for the reasonable price of 268 million dollars. Interested? Read on.

Il Galli, or La Sirenuse as it is also known, is an archipelago of three small islands, with the main one having the form of a dolphin. Before a multi-million property was built here, legend has it the island was inhabited by mermaids, hence the name Sirenuse. The islands are obviously lined with lovely grottos to swim and dive into, but let's take a peak into the luxurious mansion on the island! 

Over the years, the island has hosted a number of high-profile VIPs - actors, athletes, playwrights - quite the exclusive club. As fantasy-like as the place looks, it's real, although for most of us, it may remain a dream...

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