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Hey Mama

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Mama. Mum. Mummy. Mother. Ma.

Whatever you call yours, she's always been there for you. She held your hand when you stumbled through your first steps, watched every Oscar-worthy performance at the school recitals, cried with pride at your graduation. She was there through your angsty teenage years, she was there when you had your first heartbreak, and she'll be there for all that's yet to come. And not once did she ask for anything in return.

There's nothing a child can ever do to balance out what a mother gives. No gift can be enough, and certainly not one measly day on the whole calendar can celebrate all that motherhood stands for. So all I want to say is thank you. For putting up with me, for loving me despite all the trouble I put you through, and for all the good times we shared. I may not be the ideal daughter, but I love you with all my heart. Always will.

I'm lucky enough to have two mothers in my life - hello, grandma! Nanna's the one I go to when I want some good old-school advice, when I want to relive all the stories (my nan has an elephantine memory) and of course, when I want some seriously good food. She may not know how to use a keyboard, but her life experiences are far more valuable. 

Last week, I unearthed some old photos of us three, and to celebrate my main girls, I took them both on a small road trip to recreate the pics I found! A happy day in the sun, reliving the memories of 17 years ago. We've changed, but the bond has only grown stronger. 

So here's to us, in all our 90s glory, and to us today. May the good times keep rolling! 

Go hug a mum today. 

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