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TTI: The secret Amalfitan Village

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How often have you seen this image pop up on your Pinterest feed and wistfully wondered if it existed in real life? Well, I've finally uncovered its location, together with its fascinating story. You're welcome.

A tiny village hidden away in the Amalfitan coast, the charmingly-named Furore was once literally unknown to anyone except its residents. The mayor of the time decided to change that by ordering that all houses be painted a bright colour to attract attention. The rest is Pin-worthy history. 

The gorge, or Fjord, of Furore creates a gorgeous little beach for adventurers. It's the oldest part of the village and lies 300m beneath the piazza and homes of the residents - but well worth the descent if you ask me! This place is pure wanderlust, personified. Share this with anyone needing some beauty in their lives today! 

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