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Due to conflicting schedules, it's not every day I manage to meet up and spend some time together with the people who are closest to my heart. Mother's Day was the perfect opportunity to do just that, fueled of course by some great food and wine!

I know I've been writing some soppy stuff lately, but these gorgeous ladies deserve some attention, at least every now and then <3

One of our favourite haunts is the popular Congreve, in Zurrieq. It's the perfect fusion of great panoramic views and mouthwatering food, at very reasonable prices (always a plus in my books). Book in advance, especially for Sunday lunch, and get there early - parking's a nightmare! And I highly recommend the avocado sunset for starter, followed by a delicious rib-eye (medium-rare, or we can't be friends). 

As you grow older you realize, it isn't blood that makes a family. It's being there for each other, in good times and in the bad ones. It's knowing you can trust each other with every secret, knowing you won't be judged. Family is about love.

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